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It all started in 2008 when we met at UC Davis through some mutual friends. 

As Indian parents say, focus on studies. We did. We spent a lot of time together at the library working side by side, accidentally developing a deep friendship! Avni would even pretend she had homework to get closer to Hari. We knew we were meant for each other when we both brought cupcakes for the other to one of our library study sessions.


It wasn't hard to figure out where to ask Avni (aka Princess Blah out). 

At the end of sophomore year, we planned a Disneyland trip with some of our friends. On June 25, 2010, Hari made it official by asking Avni out at her favorite place in the world—Disneyland <3


Throughout the years and through Phoenix, Seattle, Santa Clara, Pomona, San Diego, and even small town Walla Walla, we supported each other to grow from clueless kids to semi-clueless adults. 

We explored the safaris of Napa valley, and the nothingness of Idaho. Going from city to city felt like one long road trip and a vacation with your best friend. 


Figuring out a way to surprise Avni was difficult. Avni is actually quite sneaky and inquisitive, consistently trying to scrape for information. 

So instead, Hari incepted Avni to plan a graduation trip to Mexico. Luckily, the hotel kept advertising free photo shoots, and Hari told one of the photographers to come up and offer a session. On the last scene, when the photographer told Hari and Avni to hold hands, Hari went down on one knee. 

It was nearly perfect, except Hari put the ring on before Avni said yes. He was just that confident. Afterwards, they had a beautiful dinner on the beach.

We're so excited for you to join us as we enter the next chapter of our lives, and we hope to write more pages together with each of you.